Shortsighted Vet The Star Of New Specsavers Advert

Posted: 03/05/13

In the latest ad by Specsavers, a shortsighted vet becomes more and more concerned as he can’t find any signs of life in a cat on his table.

Specsavers’ creative director, Graham Daldry, said: “We have found that our ‘should’ve’ commercials tend to have a long shelf-life which I think is down to a combination of high production values and humour.

“In fact, TNS researchers found that our 2008 TV spot, Collie, is one of the strongest pieces of work they have ever tracked. This means we can rotate our commercials for a relatively long period whilst retaining strong viewer engagement.”

Click on the image to view the commercial.

The commercial is set to break during Britain’s Got Talent and will then air across UK and Republic of Ireland TV networks.

Specsavers’ creative team, Mark de la Rue and Richard James, added: “The UK is full of pet owners so our vet scenario will resonate with all age groups. The ‘Should’ve’ proposition can be interpreted in a hundred ways, starting with a simple premise that can be given an original and unexpected twist.

"When we first came up with the idea for ‘Vet’, the whole concept was encapsulated as a one-liner, so we instantly knew it had a simplicity that was ideal for ‘Should’ve’.”

Source: The Drum